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Changed Lives, Changing Lives

We are a church in Fort Myers, Florida that is passionate and growing.  We follow Jesus as Lord and join Him on His mission around us.  We do this by loving God, loving others, and bringing renewal to Fort Myers and the world.  We are changed lives, changing lives.

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Why We Exist

joys.  As a group of Christ-followers, we will help one another develop our gifts to serve God in this world and provide opportunities.  We are a team and a family.


We are committed to Fort Myers.  We look for ways to serve others and bring "goodness" to our community.  We will invest our time and resources to see God renew Fort Myers and the world!


In short, we are committed to loving God, loving people, and renewing Fort Myers and the world!

In the Bible God has told us to both be and make disciples.  Disciples are men and women who are in love with Jesus and have made the decision to work out in their lives daily what it means to follow Him.  Imperfect through-and-through, but forgiven and passionate lovers of God.


We also have the privilege to walk with one another and love one another.  Jesus said this should be the mark we bear as Christians - love for each other.  We are committed to walk with

each other - we will carry one another's burdens, share sorrows, and multiply


How we strive to live


5) New wineskins work best. We will not hold onto old forms or structures to contain the unchanging truth of the Gospel, but look for new ways to share and live truth. We value innovation.


6) We operate in partnership. Within the church we will operate in leadership and ministry teams, taking seriously and using practically the giftedness God has given us. As we reach out, we will work with other churches and organizations, wherever we can, to effect Kingdom change and growth.


7) Leadership is a privilege. We will appoint leaders who are gifted, called, proven, and teachable. Every leader must be able to follow as well as lead others, being engaged in mentoring and being mentored.


8) Everything is for our God. It is all about Him and not about us—our glory or our church.


1) We act in audacious faith. We will follow God in setting impossible goals, take bold steps of faith, and watch God move.


2) No one stands alone. God has called us to this place together. We need each other to become who God wants us to be and do what God wants us to do. We will encourage one another in the journey of life and never "shoot our wounded."


3) We cannot out-give God. We will live generously—even when it doesn’t make sense financially. We will give sacrificially and watch God supply the need!


4) We build bridges, not walls. The first question we will ask when we engage others is how we can build a bridge to them. In everything we do we will build bridges for people to know Jesus and not put up walls that keep them out. We will remember Jesus died for the ungodly—that included us!


We believe the Scriptures are true, authoritative, and sufficient.

We believe there is only one true God, who existed from all eternity and created all things.  This one God exists in three distinct persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit - equal in power and glory.

All creatures exist at the pleasure of God and for His glory.

All of us have sinned - no one is without sin's stain. All sin justly deserves God's judgment, which is death - both physical and spiritual.

Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God, born of the virgin Mary - fully God and fully human.

Jesus Christ died on the cross, willingly, to pay the price for sin.  He rose from the dead and sits, forever, as Judge of those living and those who have died.  

The Church is the Body of Christ visible.  She is imperfect in this world, showing the sins of the men and women who belong to her.  However, she is Christ's special possession - His treasured Bride.

The Holy Spirit, fully God, has gifted all those who belong to Jesus Christ with every gift necessary to build up His Church and reach others with the Good News of Jesus Christ.  We believe that the gifts exercised in the New Testament are still given and are to be exercised today.

Men and women were created in God's image, distinct from all other creatures and, by their own free will, rebelled against God by disobeying Him, as described in Genesis 3.

Forgiveness for sins is only through faith in Jesus Christ.  There is forgiveness in no one else.

Jesus Christ will return to earth personally and all who trusted Him in this life will be with Him in heaven eternally.  Those who, in this life, rejected Him will have an eternity of punishment.

Renew Church is a part of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, a family of churches that are conservative Biblically, reformed theologically, Presbyterian in government, and passionate about missions and evangelism.  A more in-depth summary of the beliefs of Renew Church can be found online at www.arpchurch.org.



Pastor:  Steve Reynolds


Steve Reynolds is the pastor at Renew Church.  Steve and his wife, Rachel, moved to Fort Myers 4-years ago to start the process of building a church that would help people fall in love with Jesus and change their community for good.  Steve is a West Point graduate with experience in the Army as an Infantry officer, in both pharmaceutical and medical device sales, and in ministry.  Steve is focused on seeing change happen in communities and communicating the Bible clearly, so that we can understand and apply it today. 

Worship Leader:  Shannon Butler

Shannon is an accomplished gospel pianist with a huge heart for God, His people, and worship.  He has a background in church leadership (his father is a pastor), training in both theology and the culinary arts.  He is a powerful man of God who always leads us humbly in worship!


Worship Leader:  Shannon Butler

Shannon is an accomplished gospel pianist with a huge heart for God, His people, and worship.  He has a background in church leadership (his father is a pastor), training in both theology and the culinary arts.  He is a powerful man of God who always leads us humbly in worship!

Women's Ministry​ and Children's Ministry:  Rachel Reynolds

Rachel and Steve moved here in late 2010 with a calling to plant a church in Fort Myers that makes a difference - a difference in people's lives and in our culture.  Rachel spearheads our ministry to children - both at Renew and at Horizons (a government apartment complex).  She also has a heart to see women grow and develop into dynamic women of God.  She leads ministries for women both at Renew and in our community.  Passionate.  Dynamic.  Humble.  Loving.  Caring.