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5076 Northampton Drive   

Fort Myers, FL  33919


Renew church serves to make a difference at Horizons, a property of the Housing Authority of the City of Fort Myers, to see God bring hope.

night, a bi-weekly Kid's Club, a monthly senior's bingo, and seasonal community events (Easter Egg Hunt, Christmas Dinner/gifting, Fall Festival).  We are in the process of expanding into tutoring of children and mentoring of adults and youth.

Horizon's Apartments - Horizons is one of the properties of the Housing Authority of the City of Fort Myers. Renew partners with the residents of Horizons to build healthy community.

Renew provides a monthly movie 

Renew partners with Senior Friend-ship Center to provide groceries monthly to seniors in our area who might otherwise not be able to afford food and the other expenses they have, such as housing, utilities and

Renew Church partners with Senior Friendship Centers in Fort Myers to provide food for low-income seniors.  We provide a week's groceries to some seniors in our area who may otherwise suffer hunger.

healthcare.  We receive donations of 

food and couple our food delivery with a visit and care time each month.  In addition, we have helped our seniors with home care and other needs.

Renew Church partners with Jobs for Life in Fort Myers to see everyone live and work to the glory of God.  We work to provide job skills training and mentoring.

in Fort Myers and has been part of pulling together instructors, mentors, and administrators for training.  

Jobs for Life is an international ministry that has as its goal to see everyone live and work to the glory of God.  The focus is to provide training that will help an individual secure meaningful employment - moving beyond un- or-under-employment.  Renew is part of JFL


Renew Church is involved 

with providing care to seniors

at one of the Brookdale 

Senior Living properties in the Fort Myers area.  Monthly, our women serve residents in assisted living at Brookdale near Lakes Park.  We provide entertainment, play games with the residents (especially bingo!) and spend time one-on-one with our senior friends.  We extend the love of Christ to the residents and are grateful for this service opportunity!

Renew Church partners to provide support financially and in prayer for missionaries around the world through World Witness, the missions organization of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.  We currently support missionaries in Spain, Wales, Pakistan, Germany, Mexico, Turkey and the Middle East.

Turkey, and the Middle East.  In addition, we provide prayer and logistical support to missionaries in these areas.

World Witness is the World Missions organization of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.  We give financially to support the mission work of World Witness in Wales, Germany, Pakistan, Mexico, Spain,   

In addition to the places we have listed above, our people serve in a number of outreaches and ministries in the Fort Myers area.  We believe in operating in partnership and NOT trying to re-invent what someone else is already doing.  We have people serving in recovery ministries, 

tutoring, women's outreach, mentoring, and many other areas of need.  We challenge everyone to serve outside of themselves - to give of themselves out of love for Christ.